In today’s episode, we get to see two major chunks in the drama. Firstly, Riddhima tries to persuade Kairav to come along with her by accepting her as a mother. Kairav opposes her. He madly runs away from her. Riddhima loves him as her son Arjun. She can’t afford to lose Kairav. She saves his life. She falls into the lake. She gets saved by Naira in time. Kartik is ashamed of his friend Riddhima. He accuses her for misusing his trust and trying to snatch his son. He never expected her to be so dangerous. Naira understands Riddhima’s emotional status.

She pacifies Riddhima in a way that she shows the path to move on in life. She asks Riddhima to just do good to others and receive love. She wants Riddhima to work for any orphanage, where she can help many kids by her qualification. She also suggests her to become mother to an orphan, which will not let her snatch someone’s child. Riddhima agrees with Naira’s idea. She loves children and wants to do good to them. Riddhima and Kairav’s friendship stays safe because of Naira’s understanding. Naira tells Riddhima that Kairav will never hate her. Riddhima makes a leave from their lives. Her chapter gets a closure. Moving on to the second drama, we get to see Suhasini Dadi falling sick and landing at a hospital, leaving the family tensed behind.

Dadi wants to see Kartik. Kartik learns about her illness. Kartik and his family arrive to Udaipur from Mumbai just to meet Dadi. Kairav wants to stay with the family. Kartik and Naira meet Dadi and try to give her strength by their return. Manish asks them to stay back at home. He is also fed up of the separation from Kartik and Kairav. Naira is reluctant because of Gayu. Overall, the episode brought emotional moments handled carefully. We give it 4 stars.

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