In this episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein, Rudra tells Yuvraj that after knowing Mahima’s plan they can’t afford to leave Saransh under her custody. He warns Yuvraj to only act as Preesha’s husband and dare not cross the line.

Yuvraj is thinking about his own benefits and the opportunity to be with Preesha and agrees. He takes Rudra to the side and asks for money. Rudra agrees.

Preesha remembers the slaps she received from Sharda and Mahima. Rudra says that only he knows how he controlled his anger at Mahima. He says that she had no clue that the pandit and rituals were all fake. Preesha adds that the divorce papers were fake and only property papers were real.

Sharda calls Rudra and tells him to come back home soon as Mahima is waiting for him to enter the house. Rudra and Preesha hug and they leave.

Mahima is happy with her plan working out n her favor and thinks of Rudra as a reward for her efforts. She is now thinking about her next plan.

The episode ends.

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