In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein we see that Rudraksh is blaming Preesha as she is the reason Mahima could take Saaransh away from him. Preesha prays to God to help her find a way to get Saaransh back in their lives.

On her way home, she meets a man who has Mahima’s picture in his hands and he is searching for her. But he is addressing her as Anjali. When Preesha tries to see the picture clearly, he runs away.

Preesha calls Mahima and asks her is she can take Saaransh for just two days. She says that Rudraksh and her anniversary is in two days and they have planned a surprise party for Rudraksh. Mahima agrees.

Preesha meets Rudraksh and tells her that Saaransh will stay with them for 2 more days and they will need to plan something so as to keep him with them always. Saaransh gets to know about the anniversary party and he gets excited.

Meanwhile, Preesha has got the divorce papers ready and unknowingly, she even manages to take Rudraksh’s signatures on it. She knows what she is doing will break Rudraksh’s heart but she knows no other way. On the day of anniversary, she leaves saying that she is going to get ready for the party and meets Yuvraj.

The episode was quiet interesting and leads to a very cliff hanger ending. To know what happens next, stay tuned.

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