In today’s episode, Malhar promises to fulfill Kalyani’s wish, whatever she writes on the paper. He promises that he will fulfill her wish, even if she wants to separate from him. Kalyani writes a wish on the paper. Malhar is surprised to read her wish and thinks it is silly, as he will never let Moksh go away from him. He doesn’t understand the depth of her wish. He then demands her to fulfill his wish, which shocks Kalyani. He demands Kalyani to stay away from Mukku and her life. Kalyani feels as if Malhar has snatched her life. She refuses to agree, but Malhar forces her to accept his wish.

Anupriya argues with Sarthak for Malhar’s wrong demand. When Avni scolds Mukku, Anupriya decides to stay with Mukku while the latter study. Avni troubles Mukku and orders her to write 100 times. Anupriya tries to object, but Avni asks her not to interfere, blaming her. She sends Anupriya and tries to bribe Mukku with chocolate, to reveal the truth, but Mukku refuses to befriend her.

However, Malhar takes Kalyani to some house, revealing about Aao Saheb’s movements in the other house. Kalyani fears that Malhar will know about Moksh through Aparna. Avni comes up with a plan to scare Mukku and locks Anupriya in the room when she goes to get the candle. Avni then scares Mukku in Aparna’s voice to make her confess her truth. Mukku is about to reveal but stops herself. It was overall a good episode, Malhar is thinking to inch closer to Moksh, but Kalyani’s fears Malhar will send him to a correction home. Malhar waits for Aao Saheb to meet Aparna in the house. We give this episode 3 stars.

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