In today’s episode, Malhar is still on revenge mission and seeks curse for Kalyani from the ladies. He distributes the ration of the house, so that Kalyani brings all the ration from the shop. Kalyani finds it difficult as she needs to teach Mukku for her school entrance test. Malhar reveals to her that Aao Saheb and Vivek used to torture Swara this way. Kalyani feels bad for Swara. She orders food online so that she can bring ration later. Malhar eats the food and ruins the left over food. He then forces Kalyani to bring the ration now itself.

Meanwhile, Kalyani teaches Mukku while going to ration shop and coming back by walk. Mukku studies well. Anupriya and Kalyani bless Mukku. Kalyani prays for her son’s victory and does his aarti. They hope Moksh passes in the test. Sarthak handovers the question paper to Mukku. Avni thinks of a plan to stop Mukku. She tricks Mukku not to answer Sarthak’s questions. Mukku fears Kalyani will lose her job and doesn’t reply to any of Sarthak’s questions. Kalyani and Anupriya get dejected. Sarthak decides to send Mukku to school, to make her away from Kalyani. Kalyani tries to make Mukku reply to all the questions, but Mukku refuses.

Later, Mukku hides under the bed and reveals to Kalyani about the reason for her lie. Kalyani asks her not to underestimate her. Malhar comes there and sends Mukku to study with Avni. Avni has hidden plans to know the secrets from Mukku. Kalyani tries to talk to Malhar about Mukku, but he doesn’t listen to her. It was overall a nice episode. Malhar comes up with new revenge plans against Kalyani. We give this particular episode, 4 stars.

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