In the yesterday’s episode, Malhar hurts Kalyani emotionally, but she still feels his pain of losing Swara and Aahir. Kalyani comes to know about Avni pinching Mukku to hurt her. In today’s episode, Kalyani gets angry and vents out her anger on Avni. Sarthak comes to Avni’s rescue. Kalyani and Mukku informs him about Avni’s doings. Avni cooks up a plan and reveals a fake story to Sarthak. Kalyani takes a stand for her son and not ready to believe that Mukku lied, being her mother. Sarthak gets furious with Kalyani for calling Mukku as her daughter. Kalyani and Anupriya feel burdened to hide the truth from Sarthak and Malhar.

Meanwhile Sarthak decides to teach Mukku himself and teaches her English. Kalyani decides to find about Aparna and Aahir’s connection. Avni hires a guy to call Kalyani who inform her that Moksh is with Aparna at a particular address. He asks for money in return of Moksh’s address. Kalyani reaches the address and exposes the guy, who tried to fool her. Avni calls Malhar there. Malhar reaches there and questions her asking how can be so sure that the guy doesn’t know about Moksh. Kalyani shows the proofs that whatever he said was untrue, as he was released from jail two days before. She tells that she has brought real money in a bag kept in the car.

However, Mukku gets stuck in the car decky as she tries to go to Kalyani’s office. Sarthak frees her from the car and orders Anupriya to call Doctor. Anupriya gets tensed to call the doctor, fearing his truth will be out. It was overall, a good episode. Kalyani fights with the goon and exposes him with her smartness. We give this particular show, 4 stars.

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