In today’s episode, Kalyani goes to the clinic to talk to Doctor, so that he doesn’t give a statement against Moksh. She tries to seek his help and requests him not to identify her son in front of Malhar, as her son is innocent. Doctor refuses to agree to her sayings being a good citizen.

Anupriya tries to be with Mukku when Avni is teaching her french, but Sarthak takes her from there. Avni tortures and pinches Mukku, demanding to know what Kalyani and Anupriya are hiding. Mukku threatens to tell Kalyani. Avni applies cream on the marks and threatens her. Mukku smartly escapes from there by spraying perfume on Avni’s face. She hides in the tempo which is drive off, worrying her. The doctor stops the tempo and asks for help to repair his car tyre, but the tempo drivers threatened him to give all his valuables. Mukku fights with the goon and smartly fools them. They run away. Doctor thanks Mukku and offers to drop her home.

Kalyani decides to tell the truth to Malhar, thinking the truth will be revealed soon. However Doctor finds Mukku to be Moksh, when she wears his son’s cap and questions her. But Mukku refuses to be the crane boy. The doctor comes to Deshmukh’s house. Mukku also comes there. The doctor understands everything and reveals to Malhar that he didn’t see the boy’s face, but he had seen Aahir kidnapping him. Avni scolds the doctor. Malhar gets doubtful about Aahir when Kalyani also takes the boy’s side and tells her assumptions.

Later, Kalyani thanks the doctor for his statement. Avni decides to find Kalyani’s secret. Moksh’s questions leave Kalyani puzzled. Kalyani feels the pain to see marks on Mukku’s body and gets angry at Avni. It was a good episode and we give it 4.5 stars.

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