In today’s episode, Kalyani surprises Mukku with the icecream and reveals to her that she really enjoyed watching film with Malhar. When Mukku demands to know the film story, Kalyani cooks up an imaginary film story and tells Mukku. Mukku gets happy that her/his Aai and Baba have spent time like a normal couple. Kalyani’s fake happiness makes Mukku happy.

When Kalyani goes to her room, Malhar surprises her with the room decoration for their wedding night. Kalyani reasons with him that it didn’t mean anything as he hates her. Malhar acts as if he wants to start their married life with her. Kalyani doesn’t want to celebrate a wedding night with her, as there is no love in his eyes, which is taken over by hatred. She feels that if he hurts her then he will feel the same pain. Malhar shows no sympathy for Kalyani, although she is sure that he will not do anything against her will. Malhar tries to get romantic with her and gets the pictures clicked. Kalyani hears the camera sound again and again.

Malhar reveals his plan to get her pictures to keep her silent, but he couldn’t stoop low like Vivek. He reveals to Kalyani that Vivek used to torture Swara this way, blackmailing her using her obscene pictures. Kalyani feels his pain. Malhar’s revelation that he just wanted to see the fear on her face and haven’t taken any pictures as he is not Vivek. Kalyani gets hurt but feels Malhar’s pain more. She comes out of the house and tries to take sleepy Malhar inside. Moksh/Mukku take him inside with Kalyani. Later Kalyani presents an apology letter to the Minister. Malhar gets a clue about the boy from Pawar. It was overall a good episode, we give it 3 stars.

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