In this episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Jamuna refuses to accept Gehna as her daughter in law. Prafful tries to convince her and says that he has to repay her father who sacrificed his life to save him. Jamuna says that Gehna s no match for Anant. Kanak and the gang support her.

Gehna pleads to Prafful Bhai to forget that he has to repay in any way and supports Baa’s decision of marrying Raadhika with Anant as they are perfect for each other. She says that she would rather die than see Baa and Bapuji arguing.

Prafful Bhai reminds the family about Guruji’s forecast about Gehna’s destiny.

Prafful is adamant about his decision and so is Jamuna. She says that Anant can marry Gehna if he wants but she will never give her blessing to this relation.

Anant marries Gehna against all the odds. Radhika arrives at the house.

The episode ends.

Now how will Raadhika react to all this? We shall find out in the next episode.

Till then stay tuned to DesiTake.

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