In this episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Gehna is about to jump in the river and end her life when Anant stops him from doing so. He says that Bapuji is fine now and is asking for her.

Anant brings her back home and asks who asked Gehna to end her life. Kanak changes the topic and console Gehna.

Bapuji asks Panditji to carry on the rituals as now Anant will marry Gehna. The family stands shocked. Baa says that she can never accept Gehna as her daughter in law.

She asks Anant to think again as she has promised Raadhika and her parents.

Bapuji says his son is now an adult and can bear the responsibilities of his father. Baa is adamant and says she will never accept Gehna as her daughter in law.

The episode ends.

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