So far, we have seen Abhi agreeing to marry Meera for Rhea’s happiness, but decides to talk to Pragya and sort out the problem. In yesterday’s episode, Pragya gets upset hearing from Aaliya about Abhi and Meera’s marriage plans. She meets Abhi in the hotel and bursts her anger on him. Abhi blames her for filing the complaint against Rhea shocking her. Pragya tries to clarify that she had gone home to take Prachi to the PS, but Abhi doesn’t believe her side of the story.

Sarita behen gets hopeful about Abhi and Pragya’s union. Shahana feels the pain to see Pragya and Prachi sad. Abhi and Pragya blame each other. He blames her for not giving love to Rhea, which made her find love with Meera. He reveals to Pragya that Prachi has scolded Rhea badly and called her inauspicious. Pragya takes a stand for Prachi’s rude words. Abhi feels Pragya is egoistic to take Prachi’s side and calls Rhea to ask his daughter. He then invites her for his engagement. Pragya agrees to attend his engagement. Abhi goes on praising Meera which upsets her. She leaves from there.

Both Abhi and Pragya think of each other while breaking down. Aaliya fears Abhi might refuse marriage after meeting Pragya, but all her fears end when he comes home and informs everyone about his engagement with Meera after 2 days and marriage after a week. Aaliya and Rhea get happy. . Pragya returns home and refuses to tell anything to her family.Meanwhile, Pallavi gets discharged from the hospital. The doctor advises Ranbir not to give her any tension. Pallavi returns home and shows happiness to be back home. She scolds Aryan for not seeing her in the hospital. Dadi tries to talk to Abhi about his marriage plans, but he is in no mood to listen. It was overall a nice episode, and we give it 3 stars.

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