In today’s episode, Abhi proposes to Meera about their marriage, which she happily and readily accepts shocking him. He couldn’t request her to refuse for it, seeing Rhea hearing them. Meera’s acceptance of their marriage shocks Abhi, as he didn’t expect her to do this.

Vikram reveals to Beeji about Pallavi’s blackmailing Ranbir. Beeji is fine with Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Vikram doesn’t want Ranbir to lose his first love and decides to talk to Pallavi. He tries to talk to Pallavi, but the latter is adamant about her decision and wants to see Ranbir marrying Rhea even if it is against his will. Rhea and Aaliya get excited to kick out Pragya from their lives with Abhi and Meera’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Ranbir calls Prachi and informs about his mother suffering a heart attack. He tells her indirectly that he can’t meet her again, but she doesn’t understand and goes to meet him. Sarita behen warns Pragya about Pallavi’s hatred for Prachi. Ranbir cries and feels like something is killing him inside. Aaliya congratulates Meera and thinks she will be in her control. Abhi gets Pragya’s number from Vikram and sends her a voice message, asking her to meet him. Pragya doesn’t see the message. Sarita behen pacifies Pragya who is still sad and missing Rhea.

Abhi decides to meet Pragya and take her help to convince Rhea that they are her parents and nobody else can take her place. Sarita behen pacifies Pragya with a hug. Pragya is haunted by Rhea’s words. Aaliya gives a wrong impression to Meera that Abhi likes her. It was overall a good episode, there is a lot of mixed emotions in the show.

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