In yesterday’s episode, Pallavi is still not willing for Prachi and Ranbir’s alliance and hurries up to fix her son’s alliance with Rhea. She meets Abhi and his family and fixes Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. In today’s episode, Dadi senses Abhi and Ranbir’s sad faces and understands that they are not happy with their respective marriage. She understands that Ranbir loves someone else.

Meanwhile, Pragya and Prachi come to the same jewelry store, where Abhi comes there with Meera with Rhea. Sarita behen and Shahana accompany them. Prachi yells at the robbers for colliding with Pragya. The Servant of the jeweler plan the theft with other robbers. Pragya senses that the men were not good. Abhi asks Rhea and Meera to do shopping while he meets the owner, Ramnik Lal. Ramnik Lal misunderstands Pragya and Prachi to be Abhi’s wife and daughter. On the other side, Ranbir fights with his own emotions. Aaliya takes him to an office meeting.

However, Abhi and Pragya feel each other’s presence in the jewelry store. Shahana and Sarita behen argue with the manager and get the chain repaired free. Tony and other goons come to know about Abhishek Mehra and plan to kidnap him for the smooth robbery and escape. Ramnik Lal calls Pragya and asks her to try the jewellery, but the latter refuses. Abhi and Pragya meet accidentally in the store. Abhi tries to clarify why is he marrying, but she is already gone. It was overall a good episode, Pragya and Abhi’s distance will end in the coming episode. The robbery in the story will bring in the good twist, needed at this point of the story. We give it 4 stars for this episode.

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