In today’s episode, Aryan enquires with Ranbir about his missing smile and happiness, which is related to Prachi. Ranbir reveals to him about sacrificing his love for his mother and promising to marry Rhea. He believes he will be a good son atleast, if not a good lover. Shahana gets a hint about Pragya and Abhi’s argument and worries for them. Sarita behen assumes that they have met as parents and might have taken each other’s daughter’s side and fought. She hopes everything will be fine soon.

However, Mitali is happy and shares with Raj about her happiness. Raj talks to Mitali about Aaliya brainwashing Rhea which forced Abhi to marry Meera. He is sure that marriage will happen for sure, as Abhi will marry for his ego. Dadi tries to make Abhi understand, not to marry Meera, but he seems to be helpless and crying.

Meanwhile, Vikram talks to Pallavi about Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage, as the latter is Abhi’s daughter, but Pallavi has a strong hatred for Prachi and doesn’t approve of Ranbir’s choice. She decides to fix their marriage and goes to Abhi’s house. She then initiates the talk about Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. Aaliya surprises them, by announcing Abhi and Meera’s marriage. She readily agrees to Rhea and Ranbir’s alliance. Ranbir and Vikram get upset.

Rhea surprises Abhi with a coffee mug and expresses her fake excitement for his marriage. They plan to go marriage shopping. Later, Pallavi gives good news to Abhi and takes his approval for Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. Abhi gladly agrees. Rhea questions Ranbir if he likes her, which makes him very upset, and gets thinking about Prachi. It was overall a nice episode, as usual, the twists and turns are like repeating the same old story. We give 3.5 stars to this episode.

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