In this episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, Riddhima enquires about the date. Dadi tells her that she doesn’t even want to remember that date as Vansh was shot that day.

Riddhima is shocked as she never saw a bullet mark on Vansh’s back. She receives a note from Vihaan saying that he has kept a red dress for her in the cupboard.

She gets dressed for the date and hides a knife in her dress for protection. Vihaan blindfolds her and takes her to a romantic setup. He asks her what does this all reminds her about, the perfume and setup. She says Vansh.

Vihaan tells her that he was Vansh’s body double and was paid handsomely for that. Riddhima now wants to check Vihaan’s back for the bullet mark.

Vihaan pulls Riddhima towards him and dances with her. He is about to kiss Riddhima but Riddhima blocks him.

The episode ends.

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