In this episode of Ye Hai Chahatein 2, Kabir shows a video to the guest that has the images of Riddhima. At last, he shows the image that has both Vihaan and Vansh.

He says that Riddhima has planted a duplicate amongst us and wants to con us. He says how low can she stoop.

Vihaan gets angry and breaks the projector. He shows some developers and asks everybody to open it. It has images that prove that the picture that Kabir showed was morphed.

Vihaan asks Kabir what he wants, and why is he always trying to prove him as someone else. Vihaan pretends to be angry and start breaking things. Dadi stops him and says that she believes he is her Vansh.

Everyone accepts that he is Vansh including Kabir. Kabir also apologizes to him saying he would not ever do such a thing.

Vihaan looks at Riddhima and smiles as it is time for her to spend an evening with him.

The episode ends.

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