In this episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, Kabir tells Riddhima that he will make this party the worst event of her life. Riddhima goes to search for the pics, Kabir finds her and mocks her saying she would never find them, and shows her 5 envelopes.

He asks her to choose one by one. One of the envelopes has the bank transfer details of Vansh transferring 5 crores to Vihaan.

Riddhima goes to Vihan to confront him but accidentally falls n his lap. Vihaan jokes saying I haven’t given you any gift and you have already given me a return gift.

Riddhima asks about the bank transfer and why Vansh has transferred such a big amount to him. Vihaan tells her that he will tell her everything in the party and says that she is the one who should worry as this could be her last day in the house.

He offers to help Riddhima in return for a flying dance. Riddhima rejects the offer as she has her own plan to destroy the LCD in the party so that Kabir can not show the picture to the guests and family.

Vihaan ruins her plan by replacing kerosene with blue colored water because he does not want to lose the chance of dancing with Riddhima.

The episode ends.

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