In this episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, Riddhima is shocked to find the picture with both Vansh and Vihaan in it. She confronts Vihaan, Vihaan tells her that it is a secret that shall remain hidden for her own good. Vihaan says that the truth will cause havoc.

Riddhima insists that she wants to know the truth about the picture. The next day morning Riddhima calls Vihaan from the shower saying the tap is not working. Vihaan goes to help but she says that she will manage. She slips on the soap and Vihaan holds her.

He whispers happy birthday to her and promises her a surprise gift.

A birthday party is organized for Riddhima. Riddhima cuts the cake and some red liquid comes out of the cake and splashes on Riddhima’s face. Everyone thinks it’s blood. But Ishani laughs and says that it’s just cherry juice. It was actually Ishani who injected the juice in the cake.

Dadi tells everyone that Kabir is throwing a party for Riddhima. Kabir tells Riddhima not to worry about the pic so much as he will himself gift it to her in front of everyone.

The episode ends.

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