In this episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, Vihaan has handcuffed Riddhima to himself and says will release her only when she tells him about Vansh’s letter.

They both go down to the hall handcuffed. Riddhima asks Dadi where Ishani is, Dadi tells her that Ishani has gone out with Angre.

Riddhima takes Vihaan upstairs and asks him to release her from the handcuffs. Vihaan says no and Riddhima pushes him. Vihaan falls down and gets unconscious. Riddhima seizes the opportunity and releases herself.

She goes to Ishani’s room and tries to search for the clue in the painting. She finds a note on the painting saying The key to my pain is the Key to the Secret.

Riddhima gets the clue and goes to the piano. She finds a map hidden in the piano that leads to the location of the secret. She follows the map while both Kabir and Vihaan are following her.

Riddhima reaches the location of the secret and finds a locker. Kabir is about to get her when Vihaan stops him and takes him away.

Riddhima guesses the code for the locker and finds Vansh’s and Vihaan’s photo in the locker. She gets shocked and wonders what is their relation with 8th December.

The episode ends

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