In India Wali Maa today, we get a huge surprise in the form of Hasmukh’s arrival to Bangalore. Hasmukh comes all the way to meet Kaku when she sounds broken and hopeless. Kaku cries when Rohan fails to understand her. Kaku supports Cheenu rather than Rohan. Cheenu doesn’t want to go back home to her dad, who has thrown her out of the house when she refused for the engagement. Kaku asks Cheenu to come along with her. Cheenu doesn’t want to face Rohan.

Kaku gets an idea to trick Cheenu and send her home. She takes Cheenu to her friend’s house and counts numerous flaws. She knows that Cheenu will never accept to live in a bad conditioned house. Cheenu surprisingly shows her unseen side. She happily agrees to live alone by setting the house as per her likes. She tells Kaku that she wants to live free where she can at least breath, while she feels suffocated at Murthy’s house. Kaku understands her.

Cheenu wants Kaku’s support all the time. Kaku gets a call from Kesar, who seems tensed about Rohan. Kaku rushes home and finds Rohan in a bad mood. Rohan was hoping to get Cheenu, but loses her. This shatters him. He can’t tolerate Kaku helping Cheenu in getting more distanced from him. He wanted Cheenu’s love. He now feels that Cheenu is a selfish girl who didn’t deserve his love. He loses his faith on Cheenu’s love, but is much hurt that Kaku ruined his efforts. He doesn’t want to stay with Kaku. He asks her to return to Bhuj.

He also packs his bags to leave the city and go somewhere far. Kaku can’t leave her son alone. She tries hard to talk to him, but he makes her leave. Kaku shatters with Rohan’s decision. She shares the problem with Hasmukh. He arrives to meet her and encourage her. Kaku feels back on the track with Hasmukh’s support.

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