An unexpected twist comes in Rohan’s life. Rohan was thinking to convince Cheenu some how to avoid the engagement with Akshay and elope, but he is much shocked to see that Cheenu has run away alone. He didn’t know that Cheenu wants to go away from him too. Murthy creates a stir in the house when he doesn’t find Cheenu everywhere. Akshay asks the guards to look for Cheenu. Cheenu is somewhere far with Kaku. They enjoy a cup of tea at the nearby stall.

Kaku tells Cheenu that she will always be there to support her, no matter what they face ahead. She wants Cheenu to decide for her life. She thinks as Cheenu’s mother, not Rohan’s mother. She can see Cheenu in pain after all everyone has always pulled Cheenu on their sides and torn her emotionally. Cheenu expresses her happiness when she attained after getting free. She decides to not go back to the family where no one is ready to give her time or respect her decision.

She tells that Rohan and Akshay are not meant for her, they both have failed to keep her happy and give her the deserved respect. She doesn’t want anyone in her life. She wants to become independent to live life on her own terms. Kaku also advises the same to her. Kaku asks her to make her own identity and not depend on anyone in life. She doesn’t want anyone to give a wrong direction to Cheenu’s life.

She tells Cheenu that whatever her decision, her family has a right to know about it. She convinces Cheenu and takes her home where everyone is madly waiting for her. Murthy accuses Kaku for brainwashing Cheenu. Cheenu gets upset when he scolds her a lot. She tells him that she is leaving the house, she won’t get engaged to Akshay or Rohan. Her decision leaves everyone upset. Rohan gets distant from Kaku for supporting Cheenu. Overall, the episode has mixed elements of joy and sorrow and went on a speedy pace today. We rate it 4 stars.

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