In today’s episode, we get to see an emotional moment between Rohan and Cheenu. Rohan tells Cheenu that he needs her and wants her back in his life. Cheenu argues with him when he always keeps his needs first. She feels he doesn’t pay her the deserved respect in their relation. She wants to feel important for Rohan. She tells him that he has always been selfish and thought for himself, without caring for her feelings.

She asks him to rethink if he can give her a sense of equality in their relation. She refuses to return to him. She breaks Rohan’s heart. Rohan asks her if she is sure about getting married to Akshay. He asks her if Akshay gives her the deserved respect. Cheenu is speechless. Rohan gets angered on Kaku for supporting Cheenu. He wanted his mum to support him. Kesar calms him down. She tells him that he will really get Cheenu back. She has a plan on her mind. She wants to use Meenu to stop the engagement. She looks confident.

Kaku meets Cheenu on the engagement day. She becomes a savior for Cheenu once again. She tells Cheenu that she has to follow her heart. Cheenu is in a dilemma that she will be losing Rohan. She doesn’t want the confusion to trouble her. She decides to run away from the engagement. She seeks Kaku’s help in fleeing. Kaku doesn’t agree at first and then helps her out. Cheenu tells that she has found both Rohan and Akshay unsuitable for her.

She doesn’t want to make any choice until her heart wants. There is a beautiful bond of faith and respect between Kaku and Cheenu. It was seen once again today when Kaku helps Cheenu deck up. The episode brought good moments in the end when Cheenu escapes.

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