In Today’s episode, we get to see a big twist in the form of Cheenu and Akshay’s engagement. Cheenu comes for the engagement by her self-will, but she is still much confused. She wanted time for herself, she could easily decide if she wants to move on in life with Akshay or not, but Murthy doesn’t want to give her more time knowing Kaku and Rohan will take an advantage of it and win Cheenu on their side. Murthy doesn’t want any delay in the engagement. Kaku gets the responsibility of planning Cheenu’s engagement.

She tells Kesar that she will stop playing games with Cheenu and just support her. Kesar doesn’t want to leave her try. She finds Meenu in the party. She gets to see Meenu, who has feelings of love for Akshay. It gets evident when Meenu cries for Akshay. A good scene comes in between when the couples dance before the mehendi ritual. Rohan gets a chance to dance with Cheenu, while Meenu gets a chance to dance with Akshay. Both Rohan and Meenu are heartbroken that they are losing their love.

Kesar wants Meenu to fight for her love. She tells that she will also help her in getting Akshay. Her motive is to stop Cheenu and Akshay’s engagement at any cost. She asks Meenu to fake a suicide to show her love for Akshay. She tells that Akshay will accept her love seeing that she can give her life for him. Meenu agrees to her plan. Other side, we get to see Rohan who is much upset seeing Akshay’s name written on Cheenu’s hand by Kaku. He asks Kaku why is she hurting him by supporting Cheenu. Kaku wants Cheenu’s happiness as well. She doesn’t want to be selfish. Rohan expects his mother to just help him. Kaku falls in a big fix. Rohan wants to meet Cheenu once and ask her if she really wants to move on.

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