In today’s episode, we get to see an amazing side of Kaku. She proves that she isn’t just Rohan’s mother, but an India Wali Maa. She cares for all children, be it anyone’s. Kaku feels she is being selfish to just think of Rohan’s happiness. She finds Cheenu having a weak moment. She doesn’t want Cheenu to lose hope and self-confidence after losing her baby and love. She sees Cheenu as a broken soul.

Cheenu tells her that she never got love and support from her parents, but misses her mother. She wishes there was someone to guide her and bring her out of the confusion. She tells that she is confused about her engagement with Akshay. Kaku loves her as daughter. She doesn’t want to play games with Cheenu and trap her into Rohan’s love. She tells Kesar that she will not force Cheenu to come back in Rohan’s life, Cheenu has a right to stay happy, a way of life that she chooses. She tells that she will not spoil Cheenu’s happiness.

Kesar finds her making a mistake by thinking a lot for Cheenu. Kesar informs Hasmukh about Kaku’s decision to back out from their plans. Hasmukh calls up Kaku to know why she changed her mind. She justifies that Cheenu should get back to Rohan by her own wish if she loves him. She doesn’t want to involve lies in the love matter. Hasmukh is convinced by Kaku’s decision and feels much proud of her. He tells her that she is the best person who cares for everyone.

Rohan looks for Kaku. Kaku meets Cheenu and tells her that she will always support her unconditionally. Cheenu gets a mother’s love from Kaku. Murthy and Akshay hinder Kaku and take Cheenu with them. Kaku takes the responsibility of Cheenu’s engagement. She doesn’t want to hurt Cheenu’s emotions and leaves everything on destiny. A nice emotional episode that really makes sense.

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