Kaku takes a stand for Vasu when she finds Murthy raising a hand on Vasu. She tells that its not good to insult a wife, who has dedicated her entire life. She asks Vasu to just take a stand for her self-esteem. She tells that Murthy should think of his wife and daughters. She asks Murthy to at least try to know what his daughters want. Murthy tells Kaku that he knows her motives. Kaku isn’t scared of him. She feels pity for Vasu who tolerated so much to please Murthy. Vasu feels insulted by his behavior.

Later, we see Kesar and Kaku get together in their mission to unite Rohan and Cheenu. Kesar gets a warm welcome in Kaku’s house. Kesar tells Kaku that she has seen Rohan and Cheenu’s love in their eyes, they were so much into each other that she has got a big hope of their union. Kaku tells that Murthy has fixed Cheenu and Akshay’s engagement in three days. She is worried that they have less time to revive Cheenu’s love for Rohan.

She knows that Rohan has much love for Cheenu and wants to unite with her. She doesn’t want Rohan’s heart to break. She is already seeing Rohan working hard to get his love back. Cheenu comes home drunk and creates a scene to show the truth to Murthy and Vasu. Akshay tells Murthy that he will show Rohan his place. He calls Rohan to tell him about his engagement. Rohan gets sad for a moment. He gets to see Kaku and Kesar preparing for the project. Rohan is also excited to go to office. Rohan and Cheenu meet in the office. They have a lovey dovey moment. Cheenu’s love begins to blossom in their hearts. The show gets a rating of 3 stars today.

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