Today, we see some bright colours of Rajasthani folk dance in a scene. Kesar and her team adds a new spice in the tale. Rohan and Cheenu find out their worth in their lives. As Kaku prayed that they should understand each other’s love and feel the need to get back, it so happens when Cheenu feels threatened by a drunkard man. Cheenu just wants Rohan with her.

Rohan reaches Cheenu on hearing her call for help. He tells that he will never leave her. Cheenu also asks him to be with her. They have a special moment. Rohan takes her to the train station where they meet Kesar Maasi. Kesar finds Cheenu really pretty and likes Rohan’s choice. She blesses Rohan and Cheenu. She understands why Kaku wants to unite them. She also observes that they both love each other. Kesar tries to bring them together.

She informs Kaku that she is with Rohan and Cheenu. She tells Kaku that Cheenu is really a nice girl, she will try to bring Rohan and Cheenu back in the relation of love. Kaku gets excited when Kesar assures her. Kesar tells that she will be coming soon to meet her. Kaku welcomes her. Kaku tells that Rohan is also hoping the same and making a final attempt to win Cheenu. Kaku’s conversation gets heard by Akshay.

Kaku doesn’t know that Akshay is going to bring Cheenu back. Kesar takes Rohan and Cheenu to a dhaba to have food. She plays a mischief. She tries to bring Cheenu’s feelings out and intoxicates her. Rohan realizes Kesar’s prank and supports Cheenu. He doesn’t leave Cheenu alone for a second. Akshay reaches them to take Cheenu with him, but Cheenu doesn’t leave Rohan’s hand. There is a kind of love triangle moment between them.

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