In today’s episode, we get to see a success moment for Rohan. Rohan shares about his success with Kaku and Kesar. He tells them that he has got a big contract after a long time. Kaku congratulates him for the success. Kesar tells them that Rohan will be starting his new business and her entire team will be supporting him. Rohan doesn’t tell Kaku that he has got the same project which she was leading in Akshay’s company.

Kaku wants to know about the project. He wants her to stay unaware of it. He doesn’t want any issues in his new work. He diverts her by telling about the new problem, that’s the workshop space lacking for the team. He tells that he has got an efficient team, but he doesn’t want them to struggle working in any improper place. Kaku tells that they can together find a solution for the workshop space. Rohan is excited to start the business and succeed to new heights. He wants to show Cheenu that he is more competent than Akshay.

On the other hand, we get to see Kaku helping Hasmukh in the cooking tasks in Cheenu’s absence. When Cheenu arrives home, Hasmukh makes Kaku leave from the window. Cheenu stays upset because of the project stress. She doesn’t take dinner. Hasmukh also leaves the food because of Cheenu. He also leaves the medicines. Cheenu happens to notice this when she wakes up, being disturbed by his snoring. Hasmukh doesn’t want to disturb her further and tries hard to control his snores.

Cheenu cares for him by asking him to take dinner and medicines. She doesn’t want him to refuse for dinner because of her. Hasmukh finds her a gem at heart. He praises her and messages Kaku about her. He tries to speak to Cheenu about her emotions. The episode was average today.

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