The hilarious scene continues from the last episode where Kaku and Chandra Prabha convince Hasmukh to share the flat with Cheenu. Hasmukh finally agrees for the sake of the big goal, that’s to unite Rohan and Cheenu. He knows Kaku is doing everything for the sake of Rohan. He also wants to support her by doing his bit. He meets Cheenu. Cheenu isn’t ready to have someone else in her flat. She is against the flat sharing.

Chandra Prabha tells Cheenu that Hasmukh can help her in numerous tasks like cooking and household work. Cheenu interviews Hasmukh before keeping him home. She tells him that he will be able to share the flat only if he takes charge of all the household work. Hasmukh has no idea about cooking, but agrees to do everything. Hasmukh hides his real identity from Cheenu. Kaku doesn’t want him to reveal anything to Cheenu.

She also keeps his arrival news a secret from Rohan and Kesar. Kesar suspects Kaku every time when Hasmukh calls Kaku for help. Other side, we get to see Rohan bagging the big project with confidence. He snatches the project from Akshay to show his competence. He wants to fulfill Cheenu’s challenge by becoming more successful than Akshay. Akshay loses the project. He thinks of calling Kaku back to his office for assistance, but Cheenu warns him against using Kaku for their profits. Cheenu doesn’t want Kaku to swing between her duties towards Rohan and her.

She wants Kaku to decide it herself, who she wants to support. Cheenu assures Akshay that she will try her best to get the project back. Akshay counts on her. She asks him to go for his important business trip. Akshay is thankful that she has forgiven him and didn’t break their friendship. Cheenu is equally thankful to him. Rohan meets Cheenu to show off his first big success against Akshay’s company. Rohan’s confidence is the highlight of the episode today.

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