Many of the scenes today turn out to be funny. The story begins with Kaku challenging Rohan to face Cheenu. She knows that this way at least they both will have a talk. Rohan wants to clear Cheenu’s belongings from the flat before he makes a leave. He goes to meet Cheenu and hands over a bag to her. He tells her that she has rejected his love and showed her insensitive side.

Cheenu calls him a coward to always run away from his own mistakes. She tells him that he can never fix anything in his life, he just knows to run away from the tough situations. Rohan feels she is challenging him. He tells her that he isn’t a coward, he can become successful to show her how wrong she was to leave him. She tells him that she will wait for the day when he becomes successful and proves her wrong. She doesn’t want to return to him.

Rohan feels she hates him. He tells her that he will make her regret very soon. He tells Kaku about Cheenu’s challenge which he accepted. Kaku really wanted this. She wants her son to prove himself by using his smartness and capability. He changes his decision of leaving the city. Kaku drops him home. She plans to meet Hasmukh secretly without letting Kesar and Rohan know. Kesar stops her at home. Kaku makes many excuses to finally go and meet Hasmukh.

Cheenu gets into a fix when she orders the grocery. This scene is hilarious. Later, we get to see a funny moment between Hasmukh and Kaku. Also, they spend some romantic time at the tea stall. Kaku wants Hasmukh to stay in Cheenu’s flat and support her like a father. She wishes to unite Rohan and Cheenu. The episode was fun and happening. It gets 5 stars today just for Hasmukh’s entry.

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