Today, we will see Ninad seeing Bhavani angry and asking reason.  Bhavani says her favorite Bahu Pakhi left home because of Sayi.  She says she wants Pakhi to return home as Samrat’s pension money and all other benefits will go to Pakhi instead of Mansi and she wants to keep the money at home.  Ninad agrees.  Bhavani calls Pakhi and apologizing her on Sayi’s behalf requests her to return home.  We will next see Virat returning to his room and seing Sayi going out with pillow asking where she is going.  Sayi after much argument says she is going to sleeping in Usha’s room.  He tries to stop her.  Pakhi calls him and asks why did he send Sayi to her house.  Virat says he didn’t and requests her to return home for other family members’ sake at least.  She asks why should she return when there is no meaning of relationships, then says its easy to break relationship but difficult to make one.  Virat says he came to her home to explain same and assures her that Sayi will not misbehave with her if she returns home.  Pakhi agrees.  Virat and Sayi’s nok jhok starts next.’

Next morning, Pakhi returns home with Shailesh. Bhavani greets her and apologizing her on Sayi’s behalf promises Shailesh that she will not let anyone insult Pakhi.  Ninad promises that he will kick Sayi out of house if she misbehaves with Pakhi again.  Ashwini hearing that asks Sayi to go her room.  Pakhi says let her stay.  Shivani confronts Pakhi that she cannot withstand Sayi and now is asking her to stay to see her insult.  Bhavani warns her to behave with Pakhi.  Shivani says they are respecting Pakhi because she has parents to  question, but Sayi is an orphan and nobody is there to question them.  Ashwini backs her.  Bhavani yells that when she could not save her marriage, why is she worried about others.  Shivani reveals that Bhavani wants Pakhi to stay back as Samrat’s pension money and other benefits will go to Pakhi instead of Mansi.  Bhavani denies.  Pakhi says she doesn’t need money.  Bhavani praises her as usual and continues yelling at Shivani.  Sayi interferes and asks if if she should prepare tea for Shailesh.  Shailesh says he is leaving.  Sayi says she was preparing tea for family anyways and walks to kitchen.   Pakhi returns to her room where Karishma informs her about Sayi going out of house without informing anyone and Virat scolding her; she thinks Sayi was telling truth that she came to meet her without informing anyone.


Tomorrow, we will see Bhavani not finding Virat during breakfast asking Pakhi to check if he is fine, Virat walking down and telling he is fine and took a day’s leave.  Today’s will be an usual episode with Bhavani insulting Sayi as usual and convincing Pakhi to return home with a vested interest.  We hope Bhavani realizes Sayi’s goodness and Pakhi’s selfish nature soon.

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