Today, we will see Bhavani alleging Sayi that Pakhi left home because of her and hence she should apologize Pakhi and bring her back home.  Her whole team back her and yell at Pakhi to go and apologize Pakhi.  Sayi says when she hasn’t done any mistake she will  not apologize Pakhi.  They all continue and Sunny joins them.  Ashwini takes Sayi’s side.   We will next see Virat attending meeting where DIG stress on importance of women safety and gives Virat responsibility of handling the task.  Virat agrees to follow his duty faithfully, then  thinks about him telling Pakhi that she is wrong, feels bad for her and determines to bring her back home.


We will next see Pakhi’s parents worried seeing her sad.  Shailesh says whatever happened is for good and her parents are happy to see her back home. Vishali asks her reason for her sadness. Pakhi says since Sayi came home, she insults her always, but she is an immature child, she is sad that Virat broke his promise made to her and left her mid way.  Vaishali say she shouldn’t have believed Virat  and now should forget everything and concentrate on her career.  Shailesh backs Pakhi and says she did right.   We will further see Sayi preparing tea for Ashwini as she is feeling headache when Saloni taunts her and insists again to go and apologize Pakhi and bring her back home.  Sayi says again when she hasn’t done any mistake, she will not apologize.  She takes tea via living room where Devi clashes with her while playing and drops tea cup which falls in front of Bhavani. Bhavani again insults Sayi and insists her to apologize Pakhi and bring her back home.  Sayi gets adamant and says Pakhi should apologize her as she is at mistake.  She walks away saying family will try to find faults in her always and insult her.  Virat returns home at night. Sayi asks if she will pass in her medical entrance test or not.  He says she knows better.  She asks if he is also blaming her like his family for Pakhi leaving home.  Virat says they live in a joint family and should keep family united.  Sayi says she will not apologize Pakhi whenn she is not wrong.


Tomorrow, we will see Virat going to Pakhi to bring her back to Chavan Mansion, but Pakhi saying she left home and all relationships there itself.  Today’s will be a watchable episode with Bhavani alleging Sayi for Pakhi leaving home and Sayi determined to not apologize Pakhi when its not her mistake.  We hope Virat supports Sayi forgetting his feelings for Pakhi.

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