Today, we will see Pakhi rushing to her room and crying reminiscing Virat supporting Sayi over her and telling she is wrong this time.  In room, Virat and Sayi thank each other. Virat thanks her for telling truth to DIG and free him off the complaint and Sayi thanks him for supporting her in front of family.  Virat says it was his duty, Sayi asks if he called to his room to thank her and tries to leave.    He stops her and says he doesn’t want her to go. She asks because everyone will feel bad. He says he will feel bad and will not let her go from the room again.  Pakhi cries reminiscing Virat’s growing fondness for Sayi and thinks he got a new bestfriend.

Next morning, Ashwini taunts Bhavani that her favorite bahu Pakhi didn’t serve her breakfast yet.  Bhavani says Pakhi is ill. Ashwini says everyone used to like her prepared tea, but now everyone likes Pakhi’s tea.  Omkar says he didn’t mean that.  Ninad yells at her when Sayi throws thali on floor and warns them all to stop fighting and come and have breakfast.  Bhavani says she will not, but agrees when Sayi threatens to break water mug.  Virat joins them with Mansi.  Dreama continues when Pakhi walks towards door with bag. Family stops her and asks her where is she going. She says she is going to her parent’s house as she cannot compete with people in this house. Bhavani asks how can she go like this.  Pakhi says she is a practical working career oriented girl and cannot stay here cooking food for family, her reason for staying here Samrat is missing and she will return once here returns home. Sayi says Pakhi is angry on Virat as he supported her  aginst Pakhi.  Pakhi yells to stop talking nonsense. Virat supports Sayi again. Pakhi leaves home and reaches her parents house where she informs her that she came to stay with them permanently until Samrat returns as Virat’s behavior changed towards her.  Mother says its obvious as color of sindhoor after marriage fades away color of love.


Tomorrow, we will see Bhavani and her team blaming Sayi for Pakhi leaving house and insisting her to apologize Pakhi and bring her  back home, but Sayi denying it.  Today’s will be a watchable episode with Virat and Sayi’s growing bond, Pakhi’s jealous and she leaving home.  We hope Sayi stays strong and doesn’t give up on family’s demand.

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