IN this episode of Choti Sarrdaarni, Meher sees diya in a temple filled with oil. She already has the herbs all she needs now is oil and she has got it. Karan is crying out of hunger. Sarab tries to help but Karan asks him to rest and prepares milk for Karan.

Meher prepares the ointment and asks Sarab to remove the shirt. She is shocked to see marks and bruises on his back. Sarab tells her about the goons and fights.

Kulwant has fallen sick due to not eating anything for the last three days. The doctor advises her to eat on time. She declares a reward of 1 lakh for anyone who brings Meher and Sarab back to her. Bittu and Rana inspired by the idea of reward decide to find them before anybody else.

Meher cooks Khichdi for dinner. Param asks for side dishes but she says that this is magic khichdi and should be eaten as it is. Due to the quantity of Khichdi Sarab and Meher tries to feed most of it to Param and eat what is left.

The episode ends.

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