In this episode of Choti Sarrdaarni, Aditi is settling down in the Gill Mansion. Harleen supports her in her decision of choosing Meher and Sarab’s room and sarcastically says that this will be the perfect room for you.

This room says Meher and you should in fact wear Meher’s clothes only as it might impress Manav.

Sarab and Meher are having their first night in their new nest. Param sleeps on Sarab while Meher lays her head on Sarab’s hand. Kulwant has not eaten anything since Sarab has left and sleeps on the floor. Robbie goes to the Gill mansion and pretends as if he was sleeping out the entire night. Harleen asks him to go inside.

In the morning smelly gutter water starts coming inside the house from all directions. Param gets scared and says a ghost is doing all this.

Meher asks Sarab to take care of the kids and looks into the matter. Sarab has to go back to work but his back is hurting. Param asks Meher to call the doctor for him but Meher says that we cannot call a doctor while we are playing this game.

Param says Harleen bua would have called so many doctors by now. Sarab says that he is also missing Harleen. Harleen gets hiccups.


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