In this episode of Choti Sarrdarni, Sarab goes out of the house to earn and bring food for everyone. Meher cleans the house.

Meher asks Param to stay where he is and don’t touch anything. Manav asks his men for updates. They tell him that they lost Sarab and family because of the storm.

Rana and Bitto also inform Kulwant that they lost Sarab and Meher because of the storm. Kulwant gets mad at the brothers and calls them useless.

Sarab helps as labor to transport wheat bags. He earns 350 rupees by the end of the day. Param asks for food, Meher tells him that Sarab will get food for all of us by evening.

Sarab is taking home his earnings while some masked men are observing him.

The episode ends.


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