In this episode of Choti Sarrdaarni, Meher Sarab and Param reaches a village where they drink water from the borewell. Param hesitates to drink the water but Sarab encourages him to relish nature.

Vikram asks his men to take care of Sarab, Meher, and the kids along with them. Kulwant confronts Manav and says that now she will give them a taste of their own medicine. Aditi tells her that it’s her home now and asks Kulwant to leave.

Manav cannot take it anymore, he tells Aditi that he is no longer a part of her plan and he leaves. Harleen tells Aditi that her bad time has started and that she cannot live a happy family life after ruining a family.

Manav tells his men to keep following Sarab and Meher and indirectly provide them anything they need. Rana and Bittu also are following them and get the same directions from Kulwant.

Sarab and Meher are wondering how they will feed their children and how will they reach their destination. They pray to Waheguru for guidance.  Winds start blowing and an elderly barefoot man appears out of nowhere. He gives a note to Sarab and disappears in the wind.

Sarab and Meher find an under-construction house and goes inside. Sarab sees the note, it says Ek Omkar. They realize that the mystery man was sent by Waheguru only. The divine intervention gives them the courage and strength they need.

The episode ends.

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