Today, we will see Kavya informing Vanraj that she will speak to their boss Dholakia regarding loan before company’s merger and expecting his contribution.  Vanraj says he already has responsibilities of his family and now with Kinjal’s inclusion in his family, he cannot contribute.  She argues that he has money for Anu, but not her.  He warns not to drag Anu in between.  She asks if he wants to ride on 2 boats forever.  He asks her to first divorce Anirudh and then speak about it.   We will further see Baa tasting Rakhi’s brought food for Kinjal and complaining.  Toshu gets romantic with Kinjal.  Baa notices them and scolds.  They walk away embarrassed.  Baa thinks of controlling Kinjal like she controls Anu.  We will further see Rakhi taunting Anu that Kinjal supported Anu and insulted her, soon she will brainwash Kinjal and make her against Anu.  Anu walks away saying she is getting late, leaving her fuming in anger.


We will next see Anu reaching outside school and reminiscing past incident when she makes a mistake and is being expelled from school.  She enters school and nervously walks towards principal’s room when she clashes with principal and makes her fall, then ask if its hurting.  Principal says this is nothing in front of the pain she gave when she made a mistake last time.  She says that she had given job to Anu as she also had gone through the similar situation.  Anu says last time it was her wish to work, but this time it is her necessary to work to support her family and self-respect.  Boss asks whati is the guarantee that she will not repeat the mistake.  Anu walks away sadly and informs Samar that she needs to find a job somewhere else.  Principal stops her and giving her ID card says without it she cannot enter school.  Anu gets happy hearing that.  Principal wishes her best of luck.  Samar happily dances with Anu.   We will further Kavya getting her boss’ memo and informing Vanraj that he has to repay for the losses made in the past 3 months due to losing contracts or else he may lose the job.  Vanraj fumes on boss and thinks Anu is moving ahead in life with small steps , but life is dragging him behind.


Tomorrow, we will see Vanraj’s new boss warning him to perform or lose job, Kavya asking Vanraj to inform family tha the cannot fund Toshu’s wedding, Rakhi taunting Shah family that she alone will perform Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding lavishly as Shahs don’t have money.  Today’s will be a good episode to watch with Anu getting school teacher’s job and Vanraj at the verge of losing his job.  We hope Anu climbs success soon and Vanraj realizes his mistakes.

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