Today, we will see Baa continuing to insult Kinjal that their family gave her love and let her in their home, but she lured Toshu and married him without their permission and her mother instead of slapping her brought police to their house. Kinjal asks if she will insult her repeatedly for her mom’s mistake and marriage was her and Toshu’s mutual decision, then how is it only her mistake.  Baa yells its not even 24 hours since she entered home and she is arguing with her. Bapuji interferes, but Baa warns him not to interfere between women.  She continues that Anu is her DIL and Kinjal is her grand DIL, so she has right to scold them.  Kinjal goes to her room and cries.  Anu walks behind and consoles her saying even she felt bad when Baa scolded her first time, but she got habituated to it and to keep family united, one has to bear elders’ anger.  She asks her to apologize Baa, but before that accompany her to apologize Rakhi as she is hurt with her daughter’s unexpected move, but loves her daughter a lot.


We will next see Vanraj telling Kavya about Toshu marrying Kinjal by eloping with her and his worries that Rakhi will try to break their marriage and take Kinjal back home, then Toshu will follow Kinjal and become her ghar jamai.  We will further see Anu taking Kinjal to Rakhi’s house.  Kinjal afraid insists Anu to take  her back home as Rakhi will kill her.  Rakhi opens door and Pramod requests her to forgive Kinjal and greet her and samdhan Anu in.  Rakhi says no, then says not before aarti. She says she realized that Kinjal cannot live without Toshu and she made a mistake of trying to separate them, she should have handled issue calmly instead of creating a drama as she won’t get anything with drama. She performs Kinja’s aarti and apologizes her. Anu then apologizes Anu and hugs her, but frowns behind.

We will tomorrow see Anu thanking Rakhi for accepting relationship and forgetting hatred, Rakhi pushing her down saying she never forgets her hatred and Anu’s place is at her feet.   Today’s will be a watchable episode with Baa scolding Kinjal, Anu consoling her and then taking her to apologize her parent, and Rakhi forgiving her.  We hope Rakhi doesn’t create any bigger problem soon.

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