Today, we will see Baa suggesting Anu that its important to cage the nagin/Rakhi before she bites them or she will be responsible for whatever happens.  She says she was a wife, daughter-in-law/DIL, mother and now became mother-in-law/MIL, hence her responsibilities increased four fold; it sounds easy to be MIL, but very difficult to manage; she was managing between her husband and son and now she has to manage between her son and DIL and share her son with her DIL; she has to tolerate everything and keep the family united.  Anu prays god to hold her hand in new journey of a new relationship, reminds that she wanted to become a mother than MIL. We will next see Kinjal crying telling Toshu that everyone are upset because of them.  Toshu says they didn’t have any other option. Samar suggest not worry as she has her MIL to handle issues. Anu enters saying maa/mother and not MIL. She thinks children have made a mistake, but she needs to explain and handle them instead of scolding them at this time.  She gives them moral gyaan that they made a mistake, chose difficult path and should walk through it bearing the hurdles and without breaking family members’ hearts and regarding their trusts, especially Rakhi and Pramod as they are also part of family now, etc.   They both touch her feet, and she blesses and hugs them.


We will further see Baa venting out her anger in front of Bapuji saying Rakhi revealed Vanraj’s affair to whole world and they can’t face the world now.  Bapuji suggests her to learn to face the problem instead of getting angry.  Baa says the storm is not yet over and they just saw a gush of air.  Rakhi munches cake to destress herself and determines to take revenge from Anu and her family.  We will next see Anu preparing kheer when Kinjal walks in.  She emotionally performs Kinjal’s nazar and pooja saying she is a sing of devi Annapurna now, teaches her etiques of kitchen and serving kheer to god before serving it to family.  Bapuji gets happy seeing kheer and gives Kinjal shagun.  Kinjal then serves kheer to  Baa, but Baa as usual scolds her and denies to have kheer.


Tomorrow, we will see Anu suggesting Kinjal to apologize Baa and then takes her to Rakhi’s house to apologize where Pramod accepts her but Rakhi stops her at door.   Today’s episode will be good to watch with Anu’s  advice for Toshu and Kinjal and her bonding with Kinjal.  We hope their strong bonding continues and Baa’s bitterness fades away soon.

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